They say that “Steelhead are a fish of a thousand casts”, if you do not have the experience then this could be true. Let us take and teach you how to consistently hook and land beautiful steelhead. They are the pride of British Columbia and, in my opinion, the best game fish in the world.

We offer walk and wade trips and also use rafts/drift boats on remote rivers and streams.  On our trips we usually use gear (spinning/casting rods). However, occasionally we will use fly rods (spey/one handers). In my opinion, gear fishing is more productive and easier for individuals who are just starting. The bait of choice for steelhead are sand shrimp, pink worms, jigs, roe, drew worms, roe sacs, wool/shrimp combos, and Jenzen eggs. We guide on the Vedder River (Chilliwack River), Chehalis River, Stave River and Squamish River. These rivers produce lots of beautiful steelhead, especially during the months of December – May.

If you want to know more of our secret techniques and spots to fish for these magnificent specimens, please feel free to contact me with your questions. As a guide, I would love to take fellow fishermen or beginners on trips and share my knowledge.


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